After playing around with phoc/phosh on my notebook I found that the media-keys in gnome didn't work anymore after closing and .

Later on I wasn't able to suspend my running with (3.38.5) on by hitting Fn-Esc.

It turned out that the gsd-media-keys┬╣ daemon got confused over phosh grabbing and releasing the controls.

Stopping the daemon via killall gsd-media-keys and re-starting it using systemctl start or executing /usr/libexec/gsd-media-keys &, disown %1 restored the functioning of the hotkeys.

Didn't file an issue, yet, because I don't know if this is reproducible in newer versions of Gnome., maybe it'd be nice to add some information to the article in case people wonder why there hotkeys do not work after following those instructions?

┬╣this is the only documentation I found describing in short what the daemon does - any hints to newer official sources are welcome

Just learned that in it is possible to paste the primary selection (the stuff marked with the mouse) via - inside gnome-terminal and tilix.

In x11 I used to synchronize primary selection and clipboard and after switching to gnome-wayland for now nearly a year I'm still confused and sometimes annoyed by the clipboard/selection management.