Surveillance capitalism unilaterally claims human experience as free raw material for translation into behavioral data

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power
by Shoshana Zuboff

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My mind is blown on every page by the depth of Shoshana’s research, the breadth of her knowledge, the rigor of her intellect, and finally by the power of her arguments. I’m not sure we can end the age of surveillance capitalism without her help, and that’s why I believe this is the most important book of our time.”

—Doc Searls, author of The Intention Economy, and editor-in-chief of Linux Journal

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power
by Shoshana Zuboff


If you can read this you're reading a note created on my instance on my . the author of created an integration for yunohost in package format version 1.

yunohost moved on and created the packaging format version 2.

Building on the work of Thomas I upgraded the package to the newer packaging format and integrated it into yunohosts app catalogue where it will appear within the next 24h.

If you're using on a yunohost you'll be offered an update of the app once it has been included into the catalog.

Thanks Thomas for that great software!

(This note is my first one written on my updated v2 integration on yunohost.)

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So I had that old and broken Sony … This is an to becoming a user.

I needed a phone with stock rom to install WhatsApp on it. Switching on and off all my old phones I found a Z3 compact - touchscreen without touch working.

I remembered that those supported USB OTG already and looked for an adaptor cable. Nope, not around anymore. Looking for informations I found that in an OTG cable one pin is is shorted to GND.

The first usb micro connector I cut open turned out to be 4 pins only (at least where the cable connects). The second one had two pins on one side and three on the other - perfect.

I spliced an OTG cable made of two old USB cables and tried it: worked, didn't work, worked, didn't work. With some fiddling I found the place where it shorted.

Having OTG working I connected a wireless USB keyboard/mouse receiver and went successfully through the initial configuration. New life to old device 🙃.

Story is probably not new: using a (linux mobile) and everybody insists on using WhatsApp. I didn't care. But all activities the kids want to take part: .

I could try to evangelize all these football trainers, parents representatives at schools, parents of friends to use something that I'm able to use on my linux phone, but I can't: lack of energy, lack of time, lack of alternatives with the same feature set and stability.

Got out an old Sony Z1 running . Really old software. Got an so far unused SIM. I used Aurora Store from F-Droid to install WhatsApp from the Google Store on that Android. Registered to WhatsApp and it worked fine sending one test message that never arrived, because the other side didn't have my phone number in their contacts (I guess).

I installed as a server on my and put mautrix-whatsapp on its own system using the latest docker image following the documentation to get a minimum configuration running.

Yeah, works. Coupled WhatsApp on the Android Z1 with the bridge and send two test messages resulting in This account can no longer use WhatsApp due to spam shown on the device.

Is that most likely because of my 10+ years device + rooted + Magisk + fake google app store or is it something others are experiencing when trying to use the bridge with of the shelf devices, too?

My plan has been to run an independent phone number for WhatsApp on a device that only has contacts for WhatsApp in its phone book and make it available to family members through matrix.

Our participation in society relies in many aspects on the goodwill of a few monopolistic companies that we depend on. They write the rules which device (Android or iOS) and which software (only their own doing whatever they program it to do) we're supposed to use. They train the algorithms that can cut you off our participation.

I wouldn't care the least. I'd even smile when reading this thinking that it's exactly what people supporting companies like facebook/whatsapp deserve. But if the participation of my kids in society is at stake (and not my own which I well can organize without any messenger) it makes me sad.

Just uploaded a new version of s integration into yunohost: ynh6.

  • improved handling of the couchdb database(s)
    • restore renames an existing database if it has been left over from a previous installation
    • install re-uses an existing database if it has been left over from a previous installation
  • --purge is respected
    • removing without purging leaves the database and the data directory on the disc
    • purging deletes them
  • install and restore take care of an existing flohmarkt database user

The new version will be available for testing in the app catalogue within a few hours. Feedback is very welcome and much appreciated! 🙃

apps und :

  1. yunohost Konto für smtp Zugangsdaten


  • wenn die Verbindung zu localhost konfiguriert wird, stimmt das Zertifikat für tls nicht. In manchen Applikationen mag das nicht übersteuerbar sein.
  • Im Konto sammeln sich die Antworten auf ausgegangene E-Mails der Applikation sofern Menschen auf die Idee kommen welche dorthin zu schreiben.

Ansonsten funktioniert das und per Weiterleitung kann man sich die E-Mails eines solchen Kontos auch an ein anderes Konto schicken lassen.

  1. /etc/postfix/app_senders_login_maps


  • muss im Manifest der App konfiguriert sein
  • benötigt möglicherweise einen Patch der Standard Konfiguration

Die App muss diese Integration in ihrem manifest.toml konfiguriert haben und man benötigt evtl. einen Patch.

Wenn im Manifest ein Abschnitt für die Definition einer email domain und eines email Absenders steht (vergleiche flohmarkt, dann trägt yunohost bei der Installation in /etc/postfix/app_senders_login_maps die daraus resultierende E-Mail-Adresse ein.

Im install Skript kann die App dann die festgelegte E-Mail-Adresse in der zu generierenden Konfigurationsdatei eintragen.

Das soll dazu führen, dass die App ohne Passwort und ggf. ohne SSL über localhost eine E-Mail schicken darf, weil postfix erkennt, dass der Linux Benutzer der App berechtigt ist die Absenderadresse zu verwenden.

Das funktioniert nur, wenn der in der Benutzerverwaltung kein gleichnamiges Konto und kein gleichnamiges Alias existieren, weil es in yunohost 11.3 noch ein Problem mit der Postfix Konfiguration in /etc/postfix/ gibt.

Hierzu gibt es einen PR im yunohost repo mit einer verbesserten Konfiguration.

For tech-minded people it might be easy to setup an ad blocker, but can you build a shelter?

In her speech Meredith Whittaker talks about how it made what we call possible and the difference of being targeted with a wrong and being put on a list.

Die Rede der Zukunftspreisträgerin
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Finally did it 🙃 - migrated my onto my and found a bunch of problems with the integration.

For release ynh6 I plan to fix these problems without adding any new features.

If you're already trying flohmarkt_ynh at this early stage of development please follow the issues to be aware of known problems.


Just merged ynh5 of the app. Soon it will be available on the yunohost catalog.

  • multiple installs of flohmarkt on the same yunohost should work
  • backup, restore and remove now only affect the CouchDB database and user of the actual instance of flohmarkt (thanks to Daniele Bailo for couchdb-dump)
  • symlinks are generated to distinguish between the flohmarkt, flohmarkt__2, flohmarkt__x directories when having multiple instances installed.
YunoHost app store | flohmarkt
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Haha, that's nice: because I had contact with the seller related to the item before sent me a DM when the seller changed the price of the item.

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I'm working on the next version of the integration of into .

Help is - you guessed it already - very welcome 🙃 !


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