Was fĂŒr ein LAUSIGER Tag!

One of the best aspects of being on is that I do not have to follow the discussions about blocking who and why.

I'm free to read whatever I care if I get across it.

No disturbing timeline that shows me stuff I didn't ask for.

I already liked that at social.librem.one by .

This is another step towards independency and using this is until know hosted on my home internet access without problems.

I didn't care, yet, to carry the nas case to a sever housing. I even didn't care, yet, to extend disk space on the 16gb emmc to the ssd I put into its case... 😉

Just signed the open letter drafted by FSFE.

The URL might give the impression this is about mobile phones and/or other devices running Android.

But the phrasing keeps it general and it also would apply to any iDevice or notebook locked down to run Microsoft software.

If I buy something I do not want to be threatened that I'd loose hardware warranty if I change the software running on it and I do not want to be forced to hack it to be able to do so and I do not want to be offered a one-way with no option to return to the factory defaults.

I hope this will be a major step or the one and only needed towards this goal.


To use my with my I had to convert it to a LibremKey USB-C 😉

LibremKey/Nitrokey taped to an usb-a usb-c adaptor, connected to a Librem5
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@me Gotta thank the #evince devs as well since most of this stands on the shoulders of libevince.

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Where fediverse and minimalism meet: honk https://humungus.tedunangst.com/r/honk
self-hosted #activitypub server for console geeks by @tedu

humungus - honk humungus.tedunangst.com

Just learned that in it is possible to paste the primary selection (the stuff marked with the mouse) via - inside gnome-terminal and tilix.

In x11 I used to synchronize primary selection and clipboard and after switching to gnome-wayland for now nearly a year I'm still confused and sometimes annoyed by the clipboard/selection management.

There's just been an update for my . The new version offers an experimental plugin called phosh-ticket-box.

It allows the user to show PDFs from the lockscreen without unlocking the phone.

  • Show the QR for the parcel you want to send without unlocking.
  • Show your train ticket without unlocking
  • Show whatever PDF you like without unlocking.

It can be enabled in phosh-mobile-settings in the Lockscreen menu.

gsettings get sm.puri.phosh.plugins.ticket-box folder shows the path inside the home directory the plugin looks for PDFs in. The default is /home/purism/phosh-ticket-box.

Make the directory, put a PDF inside, enable the plugin and lock the phone. Enable the screen, swipe from the left border of the screen towards the right, select by swiping left and right the Tickets pane (if you have enabled more then one plugin) and click on the PDF to show.

Resizing and scrolling works with the known gestures.

Thanks @agx@librem.one !

Librem5 showing the phosh-ticket-box plugin with a PDF opened and magnified. Print of the browser page showing #microblogpub and the new article form.
Librem5 showing the Phosh lockscreen running the phosh-ticket-box plugin showing a list with two files.
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@me Yesterday I installed your script. I'm still in France where I kept losing the connection. Yesterday nearly all the time I saw the modem on. So I confirm the script is a good workaround. This is so great, because especially abroad I need to look up things on my phone more often and losing the modem was really inconvenient. Today, I go back with the Thalys to NL and will observe the modem behavior. When going to France I very often lost the modem in the Thalys.

Gibt es einen föderierten Kleinanzeigendienst basierend auf ActivityPub?

Does a federated small advertisement service based on ActivityPub exist?

There is still an unresolved bug in the linux kernel that lets for some users vanish the modem of the from the internal usb bus.


Problem is that it sometimes doesn't re-appear by itself and if one doesn't notice (the icon in the top bar of phosh changes and shows no connection) the phone is not booked in and doesn't receive calls, sms and isn't connected to the internet.

I adopted some of the solutions mentioned in the issue, added the service and scripts to bm818-tools in https://source.puri.sm/ChriChri/bm818-tools/-/tree/watchmodem-next#watchmodem and now there is a package L5 users can install.

You can find it in the pipelines of my repo.

Feedback is very welcome!

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Making some progress on full-text search support in #microblogpub!

Screenshot from 2022-11-03 23-08-54.png
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Dears, I hope you are well and have some space for happy news 😅 more than 20 years have passed since http://dyne.org exists, and all this time we never had a decent website.... well now we do 😍 plz have a look and let the world know. Ciao!

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Thanks a lot, @dev! I had a problem publishing this article in my #mircoblogpub and @t found and fixed the problem within a few hours and published a new version of microblog.pub for upgrading #yunohost!

Great work! Thanks a lot!

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Some recent #microblogpub updates:

Wenn der kleinste Bengel(1J) von mit meiner Lieblingsfernbedienung spielt und sie irgendwann vor Wut wegwirft (weil der Papa eine Batterie herausgenommen hat, damit nicht stÀndig verstellt, an- oder ausgeschaltet wird), dann ist sie irgendwann kaputt.

Ein Resonator ist schlichtweg an der Platine abgebrochen. Zum GlĂŒck gibt es die gĂŒnstig zu kaufen und die Lötarbeit ist auch nicht gerade herausfordernd. Fernbedienung funktioniert wieder - auf in die nĂ€chste Runde!


Fernbedienungsplatine mit neu eingelötetem Resonator und defektem danebenliegend
Fernbedienungsplatine mit ausgelöteten Resonatorresten
Fernbedienungsplatine mit abgerissenem Resonator

In dem Auto steht ... ein Kindersitz.

Ich habe das Auto bereits das zweite Mal an gleicher Stelle auf gleiche Weise geparkt gesehen. Meiner Frau war es auch schon aufgefallen.

Ich denke, wir brauchen eine AufklĂ€rungskampagne, in der darauf hingewiesen wird, dass Verkehr auch ĂŒber den BĂŒrgersteig ausweichen kann, wenn parkende Fahrzeuge die Fahrbahn blockieren und dass das fĂŒr Kinder, KinderwĂ€gen, RollstĂŒhle, Gehwagen deutlich weniger belastend und gefĂ€hrlich ist.

Zu erwarten, dass zu Fuß gehende oder Kinder auf dem Roller oder Fahrrad oder gar gehbehinderte Menschen vom geschĂŒtzten Raum des Gehwegs auf die Fahrbahn ausweichen sollen, bedarf dringend ...

... ! (this time without having been able to focus manually well)

Ein Auto, das den Fußweg vollstĂ€ndig blockiert.

Just started using to try it out.

In combination with it really works well and completely fits my use case.

A new function I had hoped for is that I'd be able to fill username/password fields of other applications without copy'n'past from a terminal or from qtpass.

I'm using wayland/gnome and tried to come up with an idea how to configure something to have the right click menu extended or an hotkey to show some menu to select a username or password to fill in the field the cursor is in.

In short a function as the P beside fields in Firefox.


in der Familie: Den ganzen Morgen sind wir schon dabei die vier jĂŒngeren von durch die Badewanne zu bugsieren. So geht dann ein leicht verregneter Vormittag schnell rum.