Before putting back my into my rack I measured power consumption for ~4h and ended up with ~0,158kWh/day or ~6,6W (measured between power converter and socket 230V~).

The running this instance runs on a in a nas case.

I started a year ago by installing it on an eMMC as a yunohost test, added two sata SSDs and now decided to simplify the setup by removing the eMMC boot medium.

Booting of the configured on the SATA SSDs turned out to be less easy then I'd expected and I ended up preparing a about doing this remote via ssh.

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Serial connection via breakout board to my using a μArt serial-usb adapter.

While waiting for some press-fit headers I'm using poor mans press fit connection with nylon string.

μArt Crowd Supply
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Heute per E-Mail von der Bank:

die Finanzwelt verändert sich ständig und die Sparkasse bleibt immer auf dem neuesten Stand. Für Sie machen wir Ihre Online-Banking-Anmeldung jetzt noch sicherer – mit der Geräteerkennung.

Aus Sicherheitsgründen wird ab Mitte Juli 2023 die Anmeldung von unbekannten Geräten nur noch mit einer zusätzlichen Freigabe per chipTAN oder pushTAN möglich. Sie haben die Möglichkeit, die Geräte, mit denen Sie sich im Online-Banking anmelden, als vertrauenswürdig zu speichern und sich künftig ohne diese zusätzliche Freigabe anzumelden.

Aus der FAQ dazu:

Warum wird mein Gerät nicht wiedererkannt, obwohl ich es bereits gespeichert habe?

Wahrscheinlich ist im Browser die Verwendung von Cookies deaktiviert.

Ich sehe nicht den Sicherheitsgewinn, den zweiten Faktor für die Anmeldung durch ein auf dem Gerät gespeichertes Merkmal zu ersetzen.

Verstehe ich das falsch?

New use case:

  • Librem5 with a usb bluetooth dongle connected to usb-c
  • the usb adapter is exported to my network via
  • on my notebook I attach to the bluetooth adapter on the other end of our home over network
  • the virtual bluetooth adapter in my notebook is connected to a windows session running in kvm
  • the windows session contains software to view and configure the inverter of our photovoltaic modules

No need to sit on the floor in the room with that device to get a bluetooth connection.

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Hey @telekom!

How am I supposed to destroy this written information I'm supposed to keep secret once I remembered it?

This thing survives ages...

This is really a helpful life hack I read about somewhere: for temporary connections use nylon string to hold the pins to the holes in the pcb...

Not everything perfect, yet: just used my to transfer money.

  • connected keyboard and mouse through bluetooth (sparklan card)
  • used pass-mgr-compact to get my login password for the banks page in firefox
    • found passff not working in my actual firefox configuration
    • had to copy the username from pass in a terminal, because I didn't find a way to get it in pass-mgr-compact
  • read the email containing information about the transfer in geary
  • confirmed the transfer using an external token that reads data from the screen of the L5

On the first try the L5 froze when I connected power after disconnecting the needed for my pass tomb from the L5.

Wrote this in .

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Das ⭐ Sternchen bedeutet, dass die Angabe obligatorisch ist.

! 🙃 .

I'm looking for nice shirts:



T-Shirts Wir haben es satt!
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A short of what I've been playing with lately. It's a screen recording of my desktop running on my .

Sitting in front of my Librem14 is my pointing its camera at the notebooks screen...


Following up to

Needed to send some SMS with information I wanted to copy'n'paste from my desktop.

Switched on the to get remote access to my connected to it and found the PiKVM not starting. Disconnecting the hdmi-cable for a few seconds made it boot.

When connected to the PiKVM with a browser the KVM session shows an empty desktop, because top and bottom bars are still on the Librem5s display. To get access to them I connected via ssh and ran the following

export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/run/user/1000 wlr-randr --output DSI-1 --off

This disables the phones display and moves the top and bottom bar to the external display - the PiKVM sending it to my browser session.

To cut'n'paste I tested PiKVMs Text menu:

  • copy some text from the local desktop (in my example a simple text editor)
  • open the Text menu in the browser session showing PiKVMs web interface
  • paste the text to the text boxed in the menu
  • press Paste button
  • confirm that I really want to paste the text
  • it's pasted to where the cursor is active on the remote computer - in my case the Librem5

Nice to know even though the same can be achieved through an ssh session to the Librem5 by running

export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/run/user/1000 echo "here I pasted whatever I wanted to have in my remote session from my desktop to the ssh session" | wl-copy