Not everything perfect, yet: just used my to transfer money.

  • connected keyboard and mouse through bluetooth (sparklan card)
  • used pass-mgr-compact to get my login password for the banks page in firefox
    • found passff not working in my actual firefox configuration
    • had to copy the username from pass in a terminal, because I didn't find a way to get it in pass-mgr-compact
  • read the email containing information about the transfer in geary
  • confirmed the transfer using an external token that reads data from the screen of the L5

On the first try the L5 froze when I connected power after disconnecting the needed for my pass tomb from the L5.

Wrote this in .

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Das ⭐ Sternchen bedeutet, dass die Angabe obligatorisch ist.

! 🙃 .

I'm looking for nice shirts:



T-Shirts Wir haben es satt!
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A short of what I've been playing with lately. It's a screen recording of my desktop running on my .

Sitting in front of my Librem14 is my pointing its camera at the notebooks screen...


Following up to

Needed to send some SMS with information I wanted to copy'n'paste from my desktop.

Switched on the to get remote access to my connected to it and found the PiKVM not starting. Disconnecting the hdmi-cable for a few seconds made it boot.

When connected to the PiKVM with a browser the KVM session shows an empty desktop, because top and bottom bars are still on the Librem5s display. To get access to them I connected via ssh and ran the following

export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/run/user/1000 wlr-randr --output DSI-1 --off

This disables the phones display and moves the top and bottom bar to the external display - the PiKVM sending it to my browser session.

To cut'n'paste I tested PiKVMs Text menu:

  • copy some text from the local desktop (in my example a simple text editor)
  • open the Text menu in the browser session showing PiKVMs web interface
  • paste the text to the text boxed in the menu
  • press Paste button
  • confirm that I really want to paste the text
  • it's pasted to where the cursor is active on the remote computer - in my case the Librem5

Nice to know even though the same can be achieved through an ssh session to the Librem5 by running

export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/run/user/1000 echo "here I pasted whatever I wanted to have in my remote session from my desktop to the ssh session" | wl-copy

Got my 🔗 out to make myself familiar with it.

To test it connected my to it and set it up to use the external screen as its only display.

It work just great!

is showing a picture of the beautiful case of the PiKVM - so at least part of this is ...

DE, Espresso

Bio : Seit längerem eine Neuentdeckung, die bei mir auf die Bestenliste kommt.

hat bisher meine Liste angeführt. Mal schauen, wie die drei in der nächsten Runde schmecken.

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DE, KiTa, Streik

Ich gebe es nicht gern zu: ich ärgere mich über den in der . Ich wünsche den Streikenden Erfolg und bin mir sicher, dass ihre Forderungen gerechtfertigt sind. Ich schätze ihre Arbeit sehr.

Dennoch bröckelt meine Solidarität und ich ärgere mich über den zweiten eintägigen Streik.

Ich freue mich über gute Argumente, die mir den Ärger nehmen!

Meine spontane Meinung zu dem Eintagesstreik ist, dass er nicht die richtigen trifft. Er stell uns als Familie vor eine weitere organisatorische Hürde.

Er trifft aber unsere Arbeitgeber nicht. Bei einem Tag ist das mit dem Fernbleiben für die Betreuung der Kinder kein Problem. Das sind Lücken im Unternehmen, die schnell durch etwas schieben von Terminen und Umverteilen gefüllt sind.

Unsere Lücke bei den Urlaubstagen, die wir haben, um unsere in den Schließzeiten/Schulferien zu betreuen, wird hingegen größer.

Irgendwann muss ich dann unbezahlten Sonderurlaub nehmen und die Lücke verschiebt sich in unsere Haushaltskasse.

Ein Streik von einer Woche oder mehr würde unsere Arbeitgeber treffen und diese müssten sich entsprechen ihrer Möglichkeiten über ihre jeweilige Lobby für eine Beendigung dieses Zustands stark machen.

Mir kommt das so vor, als würde die ihren Konflikt auf den Schultern der Familien austragen. , erklärt ihr mir, was ich übersehe?

The question about the 'patina' of a used daily came up on the Purism forums. I liked the idea and thought I'd post my actual state with some pictures to sometimes look back to it.

I'm using mine now for more than a year as my only mobile phone.

Librem5 patina? Purism community

how? i2s audio input on a notebook

I justed stumbled over the question how I could get an i2s audio signal (1.8V) into my notebook.

I looked for some usb sound device offering such an input and didn't find a (cheap) solution.

It seems that it would technically be possible using an esp32 or some sbc like rock64 or raspberry pi to receive the data and send it out by wifi or bluetooth. But I'm not a programmer and didn't find a project I could build on.

I fear I overlooked some simple and cheap solution. Did I?

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Encryption is broken, because we do not separate the communication channel from the encryption device.

An interesting viewpoint and argument in this comment to an also interesting article by Ross Anderson.

does blocking me from loading a page because they have the impression that my browser might be to old to handle it. I just updated a few days ago to the at time of writing official version.

Yes, cloudflare might not be able to see the correct version because of settings making it harder to track my firefox, but should they care?

From every bad there comes something good: I had lost track of μArt and usb-serial-adapter and had searched for it. Using the name of the kickstarter product I couldn't access on I searched crowdsupply and found the adapter I had remembered 😀 .

In the end cloudflare protected me from buying the wrong product, because they thought my browser is to old.

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The discussion about and the 2 on the Purism Forum is really interesting.

There are people who would prefer over and (I'm counting me in - otherwise I wouldn't use a and a ).

I feel like a VisionFive 2, with open source drivers, firmware and software would be good enough for me. (iliketurtles)

I immediately had to think about the MNT Reform and their research in Risc-V.

Maybe they would be willing to evaluate putting an existing SOC like the StarFive StarFive JH7110 onto a CPU board for the MNT Reform to offer an alternative to the pricy MNT RKX7 FPGA Module. ?

If you are interested in and you should read this article written by Nicole Faerber.

She jots down here insight on the industry and its history in just an answer to a discussion.

A great article by itself!

VisionFive 2 RISC-V Purism community