A . There are two pitfalls in this code. One cloaking the other. Can you see them?


# generate a random string of length '$bytes' using characters from
# expression '$chars'
generate_random_string() {
  local bytes=${1:-24}
  local chars=${2:-'A-Za-z0-9'}

  dd if=/dev/urandom bs=1 count=1111 2>/dev/null \
    | tr --complement --delete "$chars" \
    | sed --quiet 's/\(.\{'"$bytes"'\}\).*/\1/p'

# function generate_random_string is meant to be used in different
# scripts in contexts like:
# generating a random password
echo "password = '$(generate_random_string)'"
# generating a 64 byte seed base64 encoded
echo "seed = '$(generate_random_string 86 'a-zA-Z0-9/+')=='"

stopping - some thoughts:

  • gives most governments tax income
  • follow-up costs of smoking are covered by health insurances and/or individual cost for care
  • smoking often goes along with average lower education and/or psychological problems getting off addictive substances (or not starting with them at all)

To put it together my impression is that politics are corrupted by the tax income from selling cigarettes. The additional tax money is paid by people needing help, because they do not understand how bad smoking is for there health or they are not able to get away from the by themself. For each Cent tax incoming from cigarettes politics are willing to let shareholders of cigarette companies take their share. All the bill in the end is paid by the health systems.

This all seems like a scheme to take money out of the health system and divert it to shareholders and tax.

The suffering of the people getting ill from smoking is not even part of this equation.

I bet taking a closer look at who pays most of the costs for smoking by money and lifetime and who gains from the things financed by states with the additional tax money does even paint a darker picture.

That the dividend paid to shareholders can only make the riches richer is the obvious part.

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Hey ys! Really, I sold the first thing on flohmarkt. It's new owner communicated with me through fediverse DMs.

My flohmarkt is running on a at the moment and my exposes the https URL as a reverse-proxy using the app redirect.

This way my yunohost takes care of providing and renewing the Let's encrypt certificate. flohmarkt as an application connected to the needs a trusted cert so the other fediverse instances can talk to it.

I'd like to get back my RockPro64 to have it ready for other purposes and started integration of flohmarkt into yunohost to move my flohmarkt onto the yunohost.

If you'd like to help testing your issues on codeberg are very welcome.

Let's make flohmarkt bigger so there'll be a lot more people to offering and looking for whatever information, help, goods someone might care to exchange with their fellow ys! 🙃

flohmarkt_ynh Codeberg.org
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I made first contact to a so called Artificial Intelligence . Really strange. Just to get some impression I used and ended up with this:

What do you think of climate change?

We understand that climate change is a global issue and it poses significant threats to the environment and humanity as a whole. It requires immediate action from individuals, governments, and organizations around the world in order to mitigate its effects on the planet.

Are you sure that individuals are to be mentioned first?

Yes, we believe that individual actions matter when it comes to addressing climate change. However, we also recognize that governments and Organizations have a crucial role in implementing policies and initiatives that can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions on a larger scale.

If the "larger scale" emission can be stopped by implementing policies for organizations - let's name it companies - don't you think that policies for individuals would be easier to agree on?

That is a valid point. However, we believe that both individual and collective actions are necessary in order to tackle the issue of climate change effectively. For example, individuals can make changes in their lifestyle such as reducing their carbon footprint by using public transportation or biking instead of driving, while companies can implement policies such as reducing their energy consumption through renewable sources like solar and wind power.

Yes, we tried this for a while already, but all the effects are to slow. Wouldn't it be necessary to agree on binding policies aka laws: first for the largest producers of emissions.

That is an interesting suggestion. However, implementing such policies requires significant cooperation and coordination among countries, which can be challenging given the diverse interests and opinions among them. Nonetheless, we believe that it would be a step in the right direction towards mitigating climate change on a global scale.

Here I stopped. Obviously is trained to argue in a way about it to slow down any real progress as much as possible. The last argument really is "What about the others? We can't just start doing our part without first coordinate the effort of all the rest of the world."

Now I'm thinking where the training data came from and fear that this is really the way the problem and possible solutions are presented and discussed throughout the internet.

In the end the text is made of statistically chosen fragments as I understand ​s.

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+ :

On an unencrypted registration SSID authorized a client through a portal page.

Then showed the client via dpsk (dynamic pre-shared key) provisioner login data for the encrypted SSID to connect to a network with internet access.

When the client connects to the unencrypted SSID it gets redirected to a portal to enter an email address (and possibly other data). Packetfence sends an email to a pre-configured address (owned by the sponsor) containing a link to approve the request for access.

The client waits on a portal html page for the sponsor to click the link. After the sponsor clicks the link to approve the request the clients web page reloads and shows the name of the encrypted SSID to connect to and a password for the connection.

Next step to accomplish: configure OpenWRT (hostapd) and Packetfence to allow the usage of the PSK to connect to the encrypted SSID.

BTW: Testing this I'm using to switch seamlessly between my notebook and my which I use as a test client for the wifi connection to the OpenWRT access point.

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  • Zuzahlungsforderung Krankentransport von der Krankenkasse: Falsch - Einsatzbericht noch gefunden, dort stand "kein Transport".
  • Pflegegutachten für meine Tochter: Falsch. Widerspruch erfolgreich.
  • Anfrage zu Assistenzleistungen für meine Tochter: Ablehnung, Falsch, bekommt sie nun.
  • Mahnung wg. Kita Essengeldern: Falsch, das 2. Mal bereits, diesmal sitze ich das aus.
  • Anspruch auf Kita Platz abgelehnt: Unterlagen über Berufstätigkeit bei der Kommune verloren gegangen.
  • Bewertung für neue Grundsteuer laut Katasteramt der Kommune falsch: Widerspruch.

Ich könnte das jetzt mit etwas nachdenken noch fortsetzen. Das kostet alles so viel Zeit und Energie und wenn man diese Fehler berichtigt, gibt es keine Entschuldigung.

Wir benötigen dringend eine , die jedesmal pauschal zugunsten der falsch belasteten Privatperson anfällt, wenn sie eine Forderung einer Behörde oder Versicherung nicht erfüllen musste. Um die Kosten für die Bearbeitung zu decken und eine Motivation zu schaffen, Mahnungen und Bescheide sorgfälltiger auszustellen und zu prüfen.

Setting up a new I tried to setup a portal for a registration vlan and failed miserably. The portal didn't show.

The solution turned out to be quiet simple: a dns misconfiguration that seems to be part of the default configuration when installing packetfence in Debian.

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To learn more about and integration into I set up a packetfence server on an H3.

I'll try to integrate a TP Link RE500 running . While reading into wifi related stuff I found the README which turned out to be a perfect introduction to the topic.

It didn't deliver on my expectation for documentation about the file hostapd.vlan in OpenWRT, but that might be an include as well. Otherwise its content has been a nice surprise!

I guess we really need some law that makes it possible to buy a car and opt-out completely for any data transmission from the car to anybody. This is what happens if the data once is collected:


I'd wish that @noybeu@mastodon.social would look into this. Transformation to electric driving (if driving cars is needed at all) is important, but all the electric cars I looked at seem to inevitably send data to their manufacturer.

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When doing the to share keyboard/mouse between my and my notebook on the Librem5 still the on-screen keyboard () keeps popping up and takes away part of the small screen.

This can be disabled through gsettings but doing so each time when I place the phone beside my notebook is tiresome.

So I recovered some old proof of concept I had made, tested it and packaged it:

switch-keyboard installs an rule that triggers when an external keyboard is connected and disables the osk. On disconnect it re-enables the osk and there is an entry for the menu included to just toggle the keyboard on and off just in case you're left without after disconnecting an external keyboard.

@white_gecko@chaos.social guessed it already: It's a really cute hardware hack called the .

Everything you need to know to build a can be found in its repository.

The parts you'll need are easily found and the pcb can be manufactured using the provided files.

Or you could look for a complete set of parts on flohmarkt.

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