Finally looked into the options to change the appearance of my this note is written on.

Nice ­čśÇ. Using to tinker with the colours on the opened page and change the css I drafted some changes.

I put the color changes into data/_theme.scss, but overriding the layout of dd/dd to not contain nowrap in dl { didn't work that way. I had to change that in app/scss/main.scss which I believe is not meant to be done this way.

I guess there must be some way to override the settings from app/scss/main.scss somewhere in data/ to seperate code and configuration.

Maybe someone or even could shed some light onto this.

I started this instance in September 2022 and I've gotten very used to it and wouldn't want to miss this great application and its near perfect balance between simplicity/being light and offering exactly the feature set I like to have.

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The running this instance runs on a in a nas case.

I started a year ago by installing it on an eMMC as a yunohost test, added two sata SSDs and now decided to simplify the setup by removing the eMMC boot medium.

Booting of the configured on the SATA SSDs turned out to be less easy then I'd expected and I ended up preparing a about doing this remote via ssh.

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Letztes Jahr habe ich es nicht geschafft, aber dieses Jahr ist es fertig geworden: Unser .

Inzwischen ist schon etwas Sedum ├╝ber die Angelegenheit gewachsen.

, bearbeitet mit ver├Âffentlicht in in

in reply to this object , thanks for the hide shares button and for the ongoing work for further filter functions!

becomes better and better!

One of the best aspects of being on is that I do not have to follow the discussions about blocking who and why.

I'm free to read whatever I care if I get across it.

No disturbing timeline that shows me stuff I didn't ask for.

I already liked that at by .

This is another step towards independency and using this is until know hosted on my home internet access without problems.

I didn't care, yet, to carry the nas case to a sever housing. I even didn't care, yet, to extend disk space on the 16gb emmc to the ssd I put into its case... ­čśë