Hey ys! Really, I sold the first thing on flohmarkt. It's new owner communicated with me through fediverse DMs.

My flohmarkt is running on a at the moment and my exposes the https URL as a reverse-proxy using the app redirect.

This way my yunohost takes care of providing and renewing the Let's encrypt certificate. flohmarkt as an application connected to the needs a trusted cert so the other fediverse instances can talk to it.

I'd like to get back my RockPro64 to have it ready for other purposes and started integration of flohmarkt into yunohost to move my flohmarkt onto the yunohost.

If you'd like to help testing your issues on codeberg are very welcome.

Let's make flohmarkt bigger so there'll be a lot more people to offering and looking for whatever information, help, goods someone might care to exchange with their fellow ys! 🙃

flohmarkt_ynh Codeberg.org

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@grindhold@23.social 😘

Need to upgrade. I thought I could wait for the first integration of , but there are still too many rough edges. Anybody wants to help with it (testing is very welcome also)?


flohmarkt_ynh Codeberg.org

Hey - that's such a cool service your running!

Thanks a lot - I started donating!

It works really well in conjunction with my hosting this microblog.


Before putting back my into my rack I measured power consumption for ~4h and ended up with ~0,158kWh/day or ~6,6W (measured between power converter and socket 230V~).

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Bye, bye eMMC of my . After letting it run a night I removed the eMMC and still found it working.

I will keep the image some time - just in case…

The running this instance runs on a in a nas case.

I started a year ago by installing it on an eMMC as a yunohost test, added two sata SSDs and now decided to simplify the setup by removing the eMMC boot medium.

Booting of the configured on the SATA SSDs turned out to be less easy then I'd expected and I ended up preparing a about doing this remote via ssh.


One of the best aspects of being on is that I do not have to follow the discussions about blocking who and why.

I'm free to read whatever I care if I get across it.

No disturbing timeline that shows me stuff I didn't ask for.

I already liked that at social.librem.one by .

This is another step towards independency and using this is until know hosted on my home internet access without problems.

I didn't care, yet, to carry the nas case to a sever housing. I even didn't care, yet, to extend disk space on the 16gb emmc to the ssd I put into its case... 😉