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That looks really great! Can't wait see it filled with life.

Meanwhile I'll share my solution. I'm an user since more than 30 years and I'm running my own email server since nearly the start of it.

The lack of having a reliable email client for my , my sons and in general bothered me a long time. didn't fit my needs and which I use on my desktop is no option for mobile devices, yet.

I ended up using to access a .

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Letztes Jahr habe ich es nicht geschafft, aber dieses Jahr ist es fertig geworden: Unser .

Inzwischen ist schon etwas Sedum über die Angelegenheit gewachsen.

, bearbeitet mit veröffentlicht in in

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BTW: , cut to size using on my and send usign opened in .

Not everything perfect, yet: just used my to transfer money.

  • connected keyboard and mouse through bluetooth (sparklan card)
  • used pass-mgr-compact to get my login password for the banks page in firefox
    • found passff not working in my actual firefox configuration
    • had to copy the username from pass in a terminal, because I didn't find a way to get it in pass-mgr-compact
  • read the email containing information about the transfer in geary
  • confirmed the transfer using an external token that reads data from the screen of the L5

On the first try the L5 froze when I connected power after disconnecting the needed for my pass tomb from the L5.

Wrote this in .

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BTW, published using :) …

in reply to this object I'm using passff, yes.

I'm trying for webapps and would love to have a simple way to log in on its tabs...