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That looks really great! Can't wait see it filled with life.

Meanwhile I'll share my solution. I'm an user since more than 30 years and I'm running my own email server since nearly the start of it.

The lack of having a reliable email client for my , my sons and in general bothered me a long time. didn't fit my needs and which I use on my desktop is no option for mobile devices, yet.

I ended up using to access a .

One of the best aspects of being on is that I do not have to follow the discussions about blocking who and why.

I'm free to read whatever I care if I get across it.

No disturbing timeline that shows me stuff I didn't ask for.

I already liked that at by .

This is another step towards independency and using this is until know hosted on my home internet access without problems.

I didn't care, yet, to carry the nas case to a sever housing. I even didn't care, yet, to extend disk space on the 16gb emmc to the ssd I put into its case... 😉