If you can read this you're not affected by the following 🙃

This had some load recently and I looked into it. I looked through the logs and counted the connections from each IP. These are the IPs with the highest volume:

89 385 417 433 275698 287955 297312 304990

The last for look suspicious. I looked at the kind of request that added up to those comparative high numbers:

13 /.well-known/host-meta 13 /.well-known/webfinger?resource=acct:chrichri@chrichri.ween.de 22453 /o/350ab61e097f4c89bbe53836f0f5d1f6 24681 /followers 24684 /following 24684 /outbox 313796 /o/72327fd24abe48bb82564144dcee1ba6 313803 /featured 336225 /.well-known/webfinger?resource=acct:me@chrichri.ween.de 336243 /

All quite common, but one of the highest counts gets one note. All of these accesses from four IPs only within less than a day.

The article that seems to be so interesting is about @midzer@chaos.socials work for flohmarkt and the fact that he can be sponsored via .

The four IPs are all at Amazon: domain name pointer ec2-34-229-130-24.compute-1.amazonaws.com. domain name pointer ec2-44-206-236-255.compute-1.amazonaws.com. domain name pointer ec2-54-164-161-50.compute-1.amazonaws.com. domain name pointer ec2-3-238-157-198.compute-1.amazonaws.com.

I blocked the four IPs to get the load back down to a value below 1.

If you can't read this or you'd have a clue why those IPs constantly access those few URLs - please let me know! 😉