does blocking me from loading a page because they have the impression that my browser might be to old to handle it. I just updated a few days ago to the at time of writing official version.

Yes, cloudflare might not be able to see the correct version because of settings making it harder to track my firefox, but should they care?

From every bad there comes something good: I had lost track of μArt and usb-serial-adapter and had searched for it. Using the name of the kickstarter product I couldn't access on I searched crowdsupply and found the adapter I had remembered 😀 .

In the end cloudflare protected me from buying the wrong product, because they thought my browser is to old.

Just started using to try it out.

In combination with it really works well and completely fits my use case.

A new function I had hoped for is that I'd be able to fill username/password fields of other applications without copy'n'past from a terminal or from qtpass.

I'm using wayland/gnome and tried to come up with an idea how to configure something to have the right click menu extended or an hotkey to show some menu to select a username or password to fill in the field the cursor is in.

In short a function as the P beside fields in Firefox.