Ha! First time I pushed the Assign button on my flohmarkt for the first article finally sold (out). All people interested in the pcb and parts received a message that I sold them all.

I hope that the will grow until there are enough people to exchange goods and services locally and generally quickly find the things I'm looking for or find someone interested in the stuff I do not want anymore, but that might be of value for someone else.

Maybe the upcoming integration will enable some more people to run an instance of their own.

Flohmarkt flohmarkt.ween.de

Hey ys! Really, I sold the first thing on flohmarkt. It's new owner communicated with me through fediverse DMs.

My flohmarkt is running on a at the moment and my exposes the https URL as a reverse-proxy using the app redirect.

This way my yunohost takes care of providing and renewing the Let's encrypt certificate. flohmarkt as an application connected to the needs a trusted cert so the other fediverse instances can talk to it.

I'd like to get back my RockPro64 to have it ready for other purposes and started integration of flohmarkt into yunohost to move my flohmarkt onto the yunohost.

If you'd like to help testing your issues on codeberg are very welcome.

Let's make flohmarkt bigger so there'll be a lot more people to offering and looking for whatever information, help, goods someone might care to exchange with their fellow ys! 🙃

flohmarkt_ynh Codeberg.org

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flohmarkti: a specimen that is willing to install and test a pre-alpha software to run a small ad server that talks to the via .

Some flohmarktis are able to read and/or and some of those even can adjust existing code or even create new meaningful functions.

Some of them hang out on * channel on * where they exchange ideas, discuss code and just have a nice chat.

Most of them try already selling stuff on one of the running deployments.

All of them follow with great pleasure the fast development of * towards its first release.

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