I'm migrating from a to a 3c. One OTP made it to my new Nitrokey and the rest still sits on the LibremKey. I updated my OS and installed the new utility which can't handle the LibremKey.

is still installed on my and while it is easy to use that way it is even easier from my desktop. Waypipe didn't work, but ssh librem5 NitrokeyAuthenticator -platform vnc opens an unprotected vnc port…

purism@pureos:~$ netstat -pnlt | grep Nitro (Not all processes could be identified, non-owned process info will not be shown, you would have to be root to see it all.) tcp6 0 0 :::5900 :::* LISTEN 2019/NitrokeyAuthen

…which I can connect to to get an otp before migrating it to the new token.

And after disconnecting the ssh session the application keeps running and still can be connected to.

Not everything perfect, yet: just used my to transfer money.

  • connected keyboard and mouse through bluetooth (sparklan card)
  • used pass-mgr-compact to get my login password for the banks page in firefox
    • found passff not working in my actual firefox configuration
    • had to copy the username from pass in a terminal, because I didn't find a way to get it in pass-mgr-compact
  • read the email containing information about the transfer in geary
  • confirmed the transfer using an external token that reads data from the screen of the L5

On the first try the L5 froze when I connected power after disconnecting the needed for my pass tomb from the L5.

Wrote this in .

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My USB-C worked just fine for 4 month on my bunch of keys. Now the adapter broke. The strain in daily use has been too much. I looked for another solution that might last longer and came up with a metal adapter that doesn't include a cable.

It is a bit harder to use - especially if the is not laying flat on a surface, but it turned out that I didn't use it too often anyway while it has been really nice to keep it around and be able to use it with my Librem5.

In places where I often use the LibremKey I still have adapters with a short cable to not put unnecessary strain on the connectors.

A picture shot of a modern keychain to show an usb-smartcard-adapter and the containing an OpenPGP smartcard.

with an alpha version of that offers autofocus, but triggers some bug that does break saving of pictures.

Good luck that librem5-goodies containing a screenshot script is installed to save the picture.

To use my with my I had to convert it to a LibremKey USB-C 😉

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For the moment being I decided to disable the use of the inside my to force the use of my when gpg is needed on the phone.

Support for multiple smartcards is improved in gpg 2.3.x I read which is not available for my distribution, yet.

This way pass works with the externally connected LibremKey/ as expected.