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I tried to stop / from using the socket of because of a bug in Debian that renders the audio daemons useless after some time: sockets do not get closed and the only way to get audio back when there are no sockets left is to restart.

The way I tried to do it didn't work completely. still opens sockets to the pulseaudio daemon - even though the processes show that they run in an environment containing PULSE-SERVER=unix:/dev/null.

Any ideas how I stop firefox using that pulseaudio socket? Mount namespace - does it include sockets? A restriction on a systemd slice (cgroup) I could use?

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Sometimes listening isn't enough. Had to go into a video conference yesterday. Listening to music on my worked fine, but when I tried to get audio in the conference I remembered that my desktop is broken, because of this issue I wrote about.

I had to ask the other participants to wait, because I'd need to restart my desktop to get sound. Not funny if connected with people partly working on Apple devices.

time: the major problem at the time being in my use case seems to be and leaving sockets to pipewire- open.

I now run them using PULSE-SERVER=unix:/dev/null <program> and it seems they really do not connect to pipewire-pulse anymore and therefor can't leave its sockets open.

No sound in apps is o.k. - I can always run - if I need a page deliver sound.