in reply to this object thanks for the hint!

I looked briefly at it.

I moved away from password-store, because of the missing integration to browsers and because I wanted to start using gpg.

I already have to keep an eye on my key I use to sign the boot environment of my notebook and to decrypt the key for my cryptfs.

Furthermore I love the fact that I can read, understand and change and as they are shell scripts using utilities I know already and that are used on nearly every *nix system.

I furthermore like the idea of syncing via a self-hosted gitea.

For this solution I can always fall back to using the command line if something goes wrong.

I'm of forced to use any gui.

Beside carrying an openpgp card my LibremKey (Nitrokey) does check the boot environment via heads and TPM showing a green led if everything seems o.k. and I use it for totp wherever I configured to use 2fa.

A lot would work with a yubikey also, but not the boot checking of my notebook.

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Installed in Firefox on my to use pass from the browser along with the host application needed for it to interface with the script.

Successfully logged into one a few sites.

The add-on seems to work just good on the small screen of the phone.

Just started using to try it out.

In combination with it really works well and completely fits my use case.

A new function I had hoped for is that I'd be able to fill username/password fields of other applications without copy'n'past from a terminal or from qtpass.

I'm using wayland/gnome and tried to come up with an idea how to configure something to have the right click menu extended or an hotkey to show some menu to select a username or password to fill in the field the cursor is in.

In short a function as the P beside fields in Firefox.