in reply to this object, you seem not to follow the development very closely. If you want to stay tuned I'd suggest you follow who assembles regularly a nice overview over what happens inside the mobile eco system.

The battery life became a lot better. I'm using a Librem5 since early 2022. I charge it during night and use it during day. In case I could be running out of power I keep a second battery around.

The development of got stuck somewhat lately, but it's already deployed on the and it already works somewhat on the Librem5.

If you look for hardware less open, secure and privacy respecting with improved battery runtime you should look at the pages for a device.

The of my son regularly gets updates from postmarketOS.

Look at to find native software. I lost track following all the latest additions.

LinuxPhoneApps LinuxPhoneApps

Just to mention it:

Updated a Sony Z3c running and upgraded a tablet running . Thanks for all the people who build these systems!

It took me about two hours to

  • get the backup on the Sony working in twrp with a sdcard
  • do full system backups
  • update CarbonROM manually, because the reboot into recovery doesn't work
  • getting a stable usb connection to the tablet by rotating ports, cables and orientations of the plugs
  • install a newer version of recovery.img on the tablet
    • needed to recap how this is done in Linux using heimdall
  • install the newer LineageOS via adb sideload

Looking back at the process I prefer much upgrading my and I need to get back to the idea of getting a to get rid of the dependency on the LineageOS tablet.