There's just been an update for my . The new version offers an experimental plugin called phosh-ticket-box.

It allows the user to show PDFs from the lockscreen without unlocking the phone.

  • Show the QR for the parcel you want to send without unlocking.
  • Show your train ticket without unlocking
  • Show whatever PDF you like without unlocking.

It can be enabled in phosh-mobile-settings in the Lockscreen menu.

gsettings get sm.puri.phosh.plugins.ticket-box folder shows the path inside the home directory the plugin looks for PDFs in. The default is /home/purism/phosh-ticket-box.

Make the directory, put a PDF inside, enable the plugin and lock the phone. Enable the screen, swipe from the left border of the screen towards the right, select by swiping left and right the Tickets pane (if you have enabled more then one plugin) and click on the PDF to show.

Resizing and scrolling works with the known gestures.

Thanks !

Librem5 showing the phosh-ticket-box plugin with a PDF opened and magnified. Print of the browser page showing #microblogpub and the new article form.
Librem5 showing the Phosh lockscreen running the phosh-ticket-box plugin showing a list with two files.

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@me Great! I symlinked it to my Nextcloud folder, so now I can sync files from my laptop. Works great!

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@me Gotta thank the #evince devs as well since most of this stands on the shoulders of libevince.

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@me could be triple cool with e-ink (no power drain when displaying a static picture), but no, the dream of (relatively) fast color e-ink on phones was abandoned because… idk, probably because youtube and tiktok are more important for your plan john doe the user who defines the mainstream?

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Such a great idea!

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@me As I often process email on the laptop I have syncthink ( set up to sync ~/phosh-ticket-box from laptop to #librem5 and back. That way I have train tickets, etc always at hand.

#phosh #linuxmobile


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@me #syncthing is packaged for most distributions and works on the #librem5 although it's not really adaptive yet (