and notebook sharing the same keyboard and mouse.

Moving the mouse over the edge of the screen into the direction of the other device brings the mouse focus to the other device - just like moving the mouse between displays in a dual screen setup.

The keyboard focus follows. It is like a kvm that is controlled by the mouse position.

Let's !


Let's practice some . ​s still missing, but on their way.

Looking for a design with the following features:

  • 1 usb-c power in for a usb-c pd power supply
  • 1 usb-c connector to connect to a device
    • that consumes pd power (5V / 3A)
    • that connects to the other ports of the hub
  • 2 usb-a ports powered from the hub to connect keyboard, mouse or a memory stick

If possible (would be extremely nice):

  • a third usb-c connection to connect some usb-c device like a smartcard reader, simple memory stick, etc. (wouldn't need pd)

Any suggestions?

Note to myself: to regenerate a config file in use

pfcmd service <service> generateconfig

afterwards it could be restarted by

pfcmd service <service> restarting

Restarting a service using pfcmd service always recreates the configuration from the templates.

I intentionally broke audio output of and :

Lately I found that I'd sometimes like to click on audio content people are sharing. I do and somehow expectedly I can't hear what Firefox starts playing.

Found OpenWith which allows to open an URL through its context menu with any configured external program.

Now I can open links to a lot of content by using FreeTube.

Just registered an un-official room for .!

This just broke. It stopped working one day without smoke or smell.

It has been connected to a 12V lamp which it could dim. Beside being most times switched on and off by a switchable wall socket touching the lamp a short time switched the light also. Holding the lamps case made the lamp dim down, back up, down again and so on.

I'm not an electrical engineer, but I know some very basic of the parts I can find inside the device.

How would I go about trying to figure out why this thing stopped working and maybe repair it by exchanging some of its components?

Chris Vogel shared a month ago

A good reason to not like is there use of . With my and its cookie settings and blockers I can't log in, because cloudflare can't check the "security of my connection".

real security would mean implementing proper two factor authentication instead of running two apps on the same phone and calling that two factor authentication


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Just to mention it:

Updated a Sony Z3c running and upgraded a tablet running . Thanks for all the people who build these systems!

It took me about two hours to

  • get the backup on the Sony working in twrp with a sdcard
  • do full system backups
  • update CarbonROM manually, because the reboot into recovery doesn't work
  • getting a stable usb connection to the tablet by rotating ports, cables and orientations of the plugs
  • install a newer version of recovery.img on the tablet
    • needed to recap how this is done in Linux using heimdall
  • install the newer LineageOS via adb sideload

Looking back at the process I prefer much upgrading my and I need to get back to the idea of getting a to get rid of the dependency on the LineageOS tablet.

Note to myself:

When I want to start my Sony installed with in mode I need to to switch it off, disconnect usb and then push and hold volume-down and power together until I see starting.


  • disconnect usb
  • shutdown / switch-off the phone
  • press and hold volume-down and power button …
  • …until you see twrp booting

Don't try adb, don't try rebooting from CarbonROM into twrp - you didn't get it to work the last time you tried 😉


Neulich bei Kapitän Blaubeer in der Sendung mit der Maus 😀

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Note to myself to remember:

If I delete/change/add Active Directory Domains in I need to make sure that in REALMS the changes are reflected.

Otherwise an authentication attempt using wpa_supplicant -c /etc/wpa_supplicant/packetfence-demo.conf -D wired -i ens192 might end with EAP-TLV: TLV Result - Failure.

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Chris Vogel shared 2 months ago

[DE] Deutsche Umwelthilfe

Geschafft. Wir sind Familienmitglied der Deutschen Umwelthilfe geworden und freuen uns so die Arbeit des Vereins unterstützen zu können.

Auch ohne Mitgliedschaft:

Uhm, I'm listening to using my while on my at my desk. Why?

There's this bug letting pipewire-pulse fail, because too many connections are open.

I didn't find a way to have the play directly using pipewire.

Nice to have the same software stack on my mobile phone which now is connected to my usb speakers.